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      泉 发 机 械 工 程 有 限 公 司
Kwan Huat Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd. (449275-H)

       本 公 司 对 素 质 的 要 求 甚 高 ,因 为 我 们 一 向 以 顾 客 的 需 求 为 先 。
       为 了 长 远 性 的 合 作 来 往 和 无 限 制 的 合 作 机 会 ,本 公 司 全 体 工 作 人 员 将 更 用 心 的 为 您 提 供 一 系 列 最 精 致
       和 准 确 的 机 械 工 程 服 务。

Kwan Huat Technology (M) S/B

Kwan Huat Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated as a Private Limited Company in 8th October 1997 under the Malaysia Companies Act, 1965.

The Authorised Share Capital is RM 500,000.00 comprising 500,000 Ordinary Shares of RM 1.00 each, of which 400,000 Ordinary Shares of RM 1.00 each been issued and fully paid-up.

Our Managing Executive Team has more than 25 years experiences in precision valve, water pump casing parts furthermore 15 years experiences in precision printing parts as well as engineering works.

Our machine

Our machine

Moreover, our Managing Executive Team also hold more than 20 years experiences in marketing, wholeselling and retailing in iron and steel products, hardware builders, materials and household utensils.

Our Managing Executive Team has been awarded First Level of General Machine Operation, Second Level of Lathing, Grinding and Milling Machine Operation Certificate issued by National Vocational Training Council of Malaysia on 12th July 2003.

With brilliant experiences and continuously invention, we are able to provide excellent services primarily in precision engineering works such as manufacturing, processing, fabricating, producing, milling, grinding, lathing and drilling for metal, steel and iron products.

Our competency in providing excellent services and the rapid growth of the needs in the engineering and machining industry has permitted us to achieve an approximately annual turnover of RM 500,000.00 via assets worth approximately RM 400,000.00.

All of our staff in Kwan Huat Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd. is striving to render greater service to serve you better to the entirely business venture in the future.

Our machine

Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia
Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia


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