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      泉 发 机 械 工 程 有 限 公 司
Kwan Huat Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd. (449275-H)

      Our nature of business is to manufacture precision parts, jigs and fixtures as well as engineering works.
      There are three major services we specialize in:

All kind of precision valve water pumps casing parts:

All plant, machinery, tools, materials, metal or iron mould works included:

Prepare for marketing, wholesaling and retailing products included:

- Manufacturing
- Proessing
- Fabricating
- Milling
- Grinding
- Welding
- Lathing
- Drilling

Worm Gear Box

Worm Gear Box

Gear Box & Frame

Cast Iron Pump Inpeller

- Manufacturing
- Upgrading
- Improving
- Completion works
- Additional works services

Outside MicroMeter Tools

VHu Bearing Head
(Adjustment of the slide in bearing)

T - Slot Cutter

Milling Facing Cutter

Milling Facing Cutter

Universal Diving Head

Cutting Tools 01

Cutting Tools 02



- Iron and steel products
- Hardware builders
- Materials
- Household utensils

Engine Machining

Paper cup mould

Seam Clamp Level

Machine Jig & Bush

Burner Head

Product 06

Screen Holder

Machine Jig

Machine Jig

Machine Jig

Mandrel Nose

Fan Coupling

Coupling Holder Jig

Long Shaft

Long Shaft on machine centre

Spocket Gear

Spocket Gear

Balancing Wheel

Conveyor Roller

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